Hi 👋🏼, I'm Doru

I am specialised in Node.js, JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript, Express, GraphQL, MongoDB (Atlas), SQL with a pragmatic understanding of modern frontend frameworks such as React.js, Next.js. I favour backend positions as I mostly enjoy working with REST APIs, GraphQL APIs, CLIs, data manipulation. I am also familiar with microservices architecture and I am currently extending my knowledge toward AWS services such as SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, and Elastic Search.

I have a solid work ethic, a responsible sense of privacy, highly proactive, always open to improve and use cutting-edge technologies, very flexible, with strong organisational skills, delivery oriented, and always open to challenges.
I enjoy coding tons of stuff, mvp or production ready apps, bespoke APIs, Websites and Apps, Data Manipulation Tools, CLIs, Smart Device Interfaces, and, occasionally, 2D Adventure Games.

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